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A Bit About Me

Hello, my name is AJ Latremouille and I am the other CEO of TURTACLE PRODUCTIONS, which Gabriela and I started in May of 2023.

My goals in life are to help create art that resonates with people. I want to help change the way the film industry works, making it more accessible and inclusive to those who are regularly left out. If you need help, we’re here to provide it in any way we can.

Past Projects 

The Girl Inside The Polaroid | Feature Film  - In Post production ( 2023 )

  • Second Assistant Director

DIRECTORS: David Michan and Ed Alexander

WRITER: Ed Alexander

PRODUCERS: Diego A. Frias and Nancy Kamar

PRODUCTION: Resistance Pictures

5 Year Plan | Music Video  - On Post Production (2023)

  • Producer

DIRECTORS: Kyle Phillips 


PRODUCERS:AJ Latremouille

PRODUCTION: Turtacle Productions

Ollie | Short Film  - 2023

  • Producer

DIRECTORS: Liam Taylor

WRITER: Liam Taylor

PRODUCERS: Gabriela Paranhos, AJ Latremouille and Diego A. Frias

PRODUCTION: Turtacle Productions

Warning | Short Film  - Unreleased 

  • Producer

DIRECTORS: Galis Maria

WRITER: Galis Maria

PRODUCERS: AJ Latremouille

PRODUCTION: Turtacle Productions

Nobody Gets Murdered | Short Film  - 2023

  • Writer & Director

DIRECTORS: AJ Latremouille 

WRITER: AJ Latremouille

PRODUCERS: Gabriela Paranhos 

PRODUCTION: Turtacle Productions

Afterimage | Short Film  - 2023

  • Producer

DIRECTORS: Kyle Phillips 

WRITER: Gabriela Paranhos

PRODUCERS: AJ Latremouille

PRODUCTION: Turtacle Productions

The Hül | Short Film  - 2023 

  • Producer

DIRECTORS: Pedro Pablo Brenes

WRITER: Pedro Pablo Brenes

PRODUCERS: AJ Latremouille

PRODUCTION: Turtacle Productions

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